How To Display Steam’s Built-in FPS Counter In Linux – Guide

Want to check your FPS counter while playing? Here it is how to enable game settings and enable monitoring program to help you track frame rates as well as CPU and GPU usage. If PC gamers agree on one thing, it’s that knowing your FPS (frames per second) is important. This is how enthusiasts measure the performance of their hardware and customizations, and it can really give you a leg up. up about the competition in competitive shooters. There are many options for displaying frames per second, but many are so intense that they can really hurt your system’s performance. The good news is that Steam has a built-in FPS counter that you can display whenever you play a Steam game. Here it is how to prepare up and see.

How to display steam’s built-in fps counter?

Steam has a feature, which displays your frames per second (FPS) during video games. It works fast and in almost all Steam games. That’s fast. See FPS on Windows 10, MAC or Linux in Steam games.

How to display fps counter in linux games?

When in 2012 Valve announced support for Linux for Steam clients and its game, Linux games took a big step forward. Several AAA and indie games gained access to Linux and greatly expanded the number of users playing the game. As Linux games grew, many users started looking for suitable ways to display a “frames per second” (FPS) overlay in Linux games. An FPS counter helps you adjust running games and determine a PC’s overall potential to play at different resolutions. Unfortunately, all Linux games, regardless of underlying technologies, do not have a single unifying way to show the FPS counter. Viewing FPS counters is possible with various renderers and APIs. This one guide describes different methods to show an FPS counter in Linux games.

Method (STEAM)

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