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First, make sure the zoom is updated to the latest version, ie H. 4.6.0 (13614.1202) if you are using a Mac, or 4.4.53582.0519 for a PC without a physical green screen . Or check out the full list of requirements for using video backgrounds here. At a Zoom meeting, find the up arrow next to the Stop Video icon in the lower left corner of the video window. When clicking on it, you will see the option to choose a virtual background that brings up a menu of pre-installed zoom background options, including grass, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the space background mentioned above.

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You can also use the photo or video background of your choice by selecting the plus sign next to Virtual background, which will prompt you to upload a file from your desktop. And here you can be creative. Imagine being on a white sand beach in Hawaii! Or at Sahara’s tent at Coachella! Or maybe just a good old-fashioned restaurant, for those of us in cities where they’re all closed indefinitely. And if you want to test your backgrounds in a quiz, you can also have a test meeting in Zoom here, where you can try out different backgrounds before your real meetings. Just make sure your background is not NSFW. Especially in general meetings with 100 people. And now you can use one of Camera Snap’s thousands of instant lenses to zoom too. From classic potato filter to virtual freckles and pizza wreaths, you have plenty of seasoning options up for your next meeting or online course. Just choose Snap Camera of Select A Camera menu above the “Choose virtual background” option and Zoom will pull the video input from Snap Camera instead of.

How to change Zoom background in desktop app

Before joining a meeting:

After joining a meeting:

How to change the zoom background on mobile application

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