How to Download a Clean Installation of Windows 11 – Guide

By clean installation of Windows 11, I mean it’s a process of completely deleting the computer’s hard drive and keeping a fresh copy of the operating system to set up a new one. laptop or desktop computer. Or you can use this process to resolve issues with an existing configuration. For example, to fix memory, shutdown, startup, applications, stability and performance issues. Also, and perhaps most importantly, a clean install of Windows 11 can increase battery life and is the best way to get rid of viruses and other malware. If you have a new computer, deleting your entire current configuration and doing a fresh install is an awesome solution for dealing with bloatware that comes pre-installed with the manufacturer’s original image. This process allows you to safely dispose of the device without revealing your personal files. Also, this is usually the approach you’ll use to install Windows 11 when replacing the hard drive. In this Windows 11 guide, we will help you with the complete process to do a clean install if you are setting up up a new computer or upgrade from Windows 10 or an earlier version.

How to Get a Windows 11 ISO: 3 methods

Before starting the installation, you’ll need to obtain a Windows 11 ISO file. If you’ve installed Windows 10 or even a version of Linux before, you know that ISO files are disk images you can use to create a Flash drive Bootable USB, burn to optical disk, or boot a virtual machine from it.

Downloading a Microsoft Windows 11 ISO

The easiest way to get a Windows 11 ISO is to download one directly from Microsoft. The ISO file will now be downloaded to your computer.

Creating a Windows 11 ISO with UUP Dump

In the early days of testing Windows 11, Microsoft did not provide an official way to obtain an ISO file for its new operating system. So the only way to get one was to use a website called, which provides a script you can use to download the necessary files from Microsoft and turn them into a Windows 11 ISO. Today, this method is not really necessary, but it allows you to create the ISO using the latest build from Insider, rather than downloading an older build from Microsoft and having to update it using Windows Update. To use UUP Dump: A Windows 11 ISO file will appear in the folder where you placed uup_download_windows.cmd.

Download a Windows 11 ISO that bypasses the TPM

If you are planning to use Windows 11 on a computer that does not support TPM or install Windows 11 on a virtual machine, you should use AveYo’s Universal MediaCreationTool tool which automatically disables TPM verification. The media creation tool will launch and the download will begin. Remember that the tool may say “Windows 10” but it is actually downloading 11.

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