How To Download all Photos and Videos from Google Photos to PC – Guide

If you’ve been using Google Photos for years and want to continue using the service for free, come back up all your data is free up space today. To go back up your photos and videos from Google Photos to your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you need to use Google Takeout. Google offers a tool called Takeout that makes it easy to take all your content with you and copy it to your computer’s hard drive. The problem with takeaway is that the resulting .zip files are very difficult to navigate. If you are banned from your Google account, you can still access your photos. And if you’re traveling somewhere with limited internet services, offline copies can be more reliably accessible than syncing to the cloud. Another important reason to consider downloading all your photos from Google Photos is the policy change effective June 1, 2021. After that date, Google will no longer offer unlimited free storage for “high quality” photos: all new “high” photos uploaded will count towards your account’s storage quota – as will all existing “original” quality photos. While Google’s unlimited photo storage is now over, it’s worth noting that Google didn’t delete your photos and videos after June 1st. They are still there and can be seen.

How to download multiple photos from Google Photos to PC

This is the simpler task of the two, and the process is the same whether you’re downloading photos or videos from Google Photos.

How to download all Google Photos at once to PC or hard drive

If you’ve tried to download all your images using the above method, you’ve noticed that there’s no way to batch download everything directly from Google Phones (we also don’t know why). Instead, you will have to go to Google Takeout. Google Takeout allows you to download any data from your Google account, be it Chrome history, Google Play activity, Google Play Books, Hangouts history or Google Photos.

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