How To Download And Install Game For Peace – Guide

Game of Peace is basically identical to PUBG Mobile but with an anti-terrorist theme that pays homage to the Chinese Air Force. Minor changes were also made to reduce the violent aspects. PUBG from China Mobile users can port their accounts to the new game, so disruption would be minimal. It’s really funny that after people die in PUBG’s peace game, instead of falling straight to the ground, they wave goodbye and disappear. This gives players a positive feeling. Also, a safe zone will no longer harm our health. It only gives us 140 seconds to get back to the safe zone. There is an additional addition to the inventory, namely the booster can, which allows you to increase the time needed to return to the safe zone. Once the time is up, you die instantly (and say goodbye to others). The author of the game Tencent, while unable to take advantage of PUBG, abandoned it and brought it out of China entirely. Alternatively, Chinese-speaking players will have a government-approved replacement: “Sport for Peace”, is basically a PUBG with a patriotic look, targeting the Air Drive efforts of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces to act against terrorism.

Steps to download and install Game for Peace:-

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