How to Download and Save GIFs on iPhone – Guide

If you want to send funny GIFs to your friends in text messages or emails, or just save some favorites to your phone for fun, you’re in luck – as long as you have an iPhone or iPad running the iOS 10 operating system or later. And if you don’t, you can probably still save GIFs on an iOS device – just download an app like Google Photos or the Giphy app. While you can save and send GIFs from an iOS 10 system, only iOS 11 and later phones (or tablets) allow you to play the GIF directly in your Photo Library.GIFs. Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that they are part of modern digital culture. If you create, use or love GIFs, you want to know how to save them to your iPhone. With GIFs in your camera roll, you can add them to text messages, share them on social media, or just play them for a laugh during your workday. Humor is one of the most important segments of our lives, which is why GIFs have become so popular in recent years. GIFs are an endless source of fun, and it’s reasonable that some iPhone owners want to create GIF collections on their phones. phones. A GIF is an animated graphic that usually plays in an infinite loop and is one of the most commonly used image formats.

How to Save GIFs on iPhone

To download a GIF to your iPhone:

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