How to Download and Save images from a Google Docs Document – Guide

Have you ever tried saving a bunch of embedded images from a Google Doc or a Microsoft Word Doc? Yes, it’s not fun. From Google Docs, the obvious way to download these images is to copy each image into another application like Photoshop and save it from there to your computer. Or you can right-click on each image in Microsoft Word and select the Save as Image… option. It’s tedious work when you need to edit multiple images. It’s even more frustrating with Google Docs because when images are inserted, Google resizes them to fit the width of the document. So when you copy the image, you usually don’t get the image in its original size. This is a cloud application that allows you to create documents containing tables, graphs, hyperlinks, videos and YouTube images. Sure, it may still have fewer text formatting options and tools than MS Word, but Google Docs just keeps getting better. However, one notable option is still missing from the image’s context menu. Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t have a “Save Image As” option to download selected images when you right-click on them. So there doesn’t seem to be a way to select and download some images directly from a document. This option would certainly be a useful addition to the cloud application’s context menu. Still, there are a few ways to download featured images of documents opened in Google Docs.

How to Save all images from a Google Doc

How to Save all images in a Word document

Although Microsoft Word allows you to right-click an image to save it in its original dimensions, when you have many images to save, it is faster to save the document as an HTML page and batch extract all the images at once. It’s simple to do too.

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