How To Download Facebook Videos Online – Guide

Facebook is a platform that allows people to interact with others online. Some of the main functions are uploading photos, posting your thoughts and sharing videos. There are many types of videos such as memes, events and video clips circulating on Facebook. Sometimes you want to download these videos from Facebook to watch offline later or keep them for sharing on other social media sites. However, due to the added privacy, Facebook allows users to make their videos private. Other people cannot quickly download videos with original content. Facebook has a privacy feature which allows users to choose the people who can see their posts. A sender can choose their audience from the “shortlist” provided. One of the supported modes in the list is “Private” mode. A private Facebook video is a protected video that cannot be seen and accessed by everyone quickly. Once an uploader sets your video posts as private, not even most Facebook users have full access to them. That’s not to say it can’t be done, there are just a few more steps to work through before you can do the copying.

How to download Facebook videos online

FBD Down

As you will soon discover, many of the sites we will present in this article use the exact same trick to download private Facebook videos. They almost always involve taking a copy of the Facebook video source code and pasting it somewhere in the tool. Despite the growing competition, a web application has been at the front of the pack for a long time at The site has two separate tools. There is one for downloading public Facebook videos and one for downloading private Facebook videos. To use FBDown to download private Facebook videos, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Download videos from Facebook

If you prefer to skip the web apps and download private Facebook videos directly from your browser, check out the Download Facebook Videos Without Imagination extension. When you are watching a video on Facebook, the app reads the source code for you and gives you a download option. That means you can use the apps to download videos from secret groups, private profiles and other hidden places.


If you don’t like using FBDown to download private Facebook videos, there are a few other services on the web that are worth checking out. FBDownloader, for example, offers the same functionality. Just copy and paste the video page source code into the box on the screen and click Download to let the tool do its work. The process will take a minute or two to complete. When processing is complete, right-click on the video thumbnail, select Save As, and give the file a name.

video saver

Another of the sites that allow you to download private videos from Facebook is Vidsaver. It’s similar to the others we’ve discussed so far. Again, the same process applies. Grab the video source code by pressing Ctrl + U on Windows or Command + Option + U on Mac. Paste the code into the web application and click Search. Vidsaver also offers a tool to download public videos from Facebook. If necessary, you can click Public Video at the bottom of the page to go to the other interface.


This is a different site that works on the same principle. Copy and paste the code from the page and press Download. Other tools in oDownloader allow you to grab content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other video sites. The site also offers some basic video conversion tools. Like all the other web apps on this list, you can also use the tool to download private Facebook videos on your smartphone, although it’s a little more complicated than using the regular desktop version. oDownloader is also one of the few private video downloaders that offers a standalone Windows application. You can download it from the website.


Realistically, all these apps do the same thing. You’ll only need to go so far down the list if something unexpected happens, but it’s always nice to have more tools in your closet, right? PasteDownload performs the same task. It offers one more simple way to download private Facebook videos by copying and pasting video source code.

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