How to Download Instagram Reels Video – Guide

We bring you some tried and true methods that can help you to download and save Instagram videos. You will no longer miss your favorite Instagram posts.

How to Download and save Instagram Reels for offline viewing

Although Instagram does not allow you to download Instagram Reels on your device, it still gives you the option to save it in the app. Users who just want to save the video and don’t want to download it can follow these steps:

Inflat: Easy to use Instagram Reels Video Downloader

Inflat, formerly known as Ingrammer, is probably one of the best tools available for downloading Instagram Reels with ease. The best part of this site is that you can download the videos directly to your mobilePC, desktop or laptop. The site also allows you to download videos from other popular social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, it also helps to grow your official Instagram account with the right set of tools and strategies. However, to activate, users need to opt-in to a subscription. The premium version allows you to auto-reply, find the right hashtags for your business, optimize the leads generated on Instagram and much more. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Stories saver for Instagram, insta story downloader

If you are on the Android platform and want to download Instagram Reels, there is an app for that. Users can download Story saver for Instagram, insta story downloader from Google Play Store. It is a very popular app that allows you to download Instagram Reels in seconds. The app also allows you to download other stuff as well. Users can easily download IG Instagram Story videos using the app. In addition, the app also allows users to save photos and videos with simple steps. The app also allows users to download videos and images from a private account and it is also possible to download multiple videos at the same time. So if you want to download Instagram Reels using this app, just follow these steps:

InSaver App on iOS: The Most Convenient App to Download Instagram Reel Videos on Apple iPhone Devices

There is also a dedicated app to download Instagram Reels videos on your iPhone. The app comes with a plethora of features to repost stuff on your Instagram profile. One can repost and archive Instagram photos and videos. In addition, the app also allows you to get popular hashtags to make your content popular. In addition, it also comes with features that will help increase the audience of companies and influencers. Users can search for the InSaver app for Instagram on the Apple App Store and simply install it. Once done, you can follow these steps:

Instadp: for those who want to download Instagram Reels videos from the website

Instadp is yet another great site to download Instagram Reels videos on your laptop or mobile device. The site allows you to just paste the URL and that’s it, your video will be downloaded instantly. Unlike other sites where they can be suspicious, this one is probably safe to use. The website also allows users to download Instagram Stories with the same process. All you need to do is copy the Instagram Story link and paste it on the website. Users need to follow these steps: Clean and easy-to-use interface to download videos from Instagram Reels in Mobile and work area

Many users may be looking for the best Instagram Reels video downloader with clean and easy to use interface. The answer to that is, which is the all-in-one downloader for Instagram that has minimal ads, clean interface, and more. The site is optimized for both mobile and desktop. Above all, the site can be added to the home screen of mobile and PC so the tool can be easily accessed. Users can follow these steps to download Instagram Reels videos.

Reels Downloader Instagram Video Downloader: a simple app to download reels on your android device

Reels Downloader app by Ezapo Technologies is also a great app to download Instagram Reels on your Android smartphone. The app offers a simplistic user interface and directly saves all Instagram Reels to your device. The best part about this is that it doesn’t bombard you with ads, which is a common problem with most of these apps. In addition to downloading Reels, you can also save high quality photos and videos. It is also possible to repost, share, delete photos and videos directly from the app. Here it is how to use this app:

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