How to Download/Install Tor Browser on Chromebook – Guide

Tor Browser is a browser you’ve no doubt heard of. Otherwise, it’s the simplest method of accessing the Tor network using a browser. Tor Browser is a cross-platform browser that works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Tor Browser has a remarkable feature: makes use of Firefox. While this is a viable solution, some people prefer to use their preferred browser while still using Tor. You’re in luck if you use Google Chrome as your primary browser. You can use Tor with the Chrome browser by following a few simple steps. With the help of the official Tor program and an easy-to-install Chrome extension, I’m going to show you how this is feasible. This procedure will be demonstrated on the Elementary OS platform. If your preferred platform is different, you’ll need to tweak the Tor installation procedures a bit. With that out of the way, let’s get to work.

Downloading Tor

I will walk you through the process of installing Tor from source. Why? Because on some distributions (like Elementary OS), installing a PPA always fails. That’s okay, because installing from source isn’t that challenging. Here’s what you have to do. If you get errors during the build phase, you might need to install some dependencies. This can be done with the command: sudo apt install libevent-dev libssl-dev If that doesn’t resolve the dependency issues, go back to the make command and check the errors it produced – which will give you all the necessary clues for the missing dependencies. After taking care of the dependencies, go back through the steps above and install again. It should compile and install just fine.

Downloading the Chrome Extension

With Tor installed, let’s add the necessary extension to Chrome. See how: Time to use this one-two combination.

Starting Tor and the Tor Extension

Return to the terminal window. Tor is started with the tor command. You won’t get your bash prompt back, which is fine (since it will serve to remind you that Tor is running With Tor launched, go back to your Chrome browser and click on the Tor icon on the main toolbar. in the pop-up resulting, click the purple Tor icon and the browser will automatically connect to your Tor network at Chrome is now connected to the Tor network. Your browsing is incognito.

Make sure you turn it off

When you’re done browsing with Tor, make sure you stop the Chrome extension (click the Tor browser icon and click the gray Tor icon), then go back to the terminal window and click [Ctrl]+[c] to stop the Tor service. After you disconnect, your browser traffic is no longer running over the anonymous Tor network. Are you ready to go.

Final note

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