How To Download Maps on Google Maps for Offline Viewing – Guide

If you want to browse without a data connection or are serious about storing data wherever you can, the ability to download areas from Google Maps is very appealing. Google hooked us up common feature which downloads entire regions of the map via a Wi-Fi connection, so you can complete your trip without having to connect to a cellular network. Here we will show you step by step how to download areas from Google Maps. Previous versions of Google Maps only allowed you to view the downloaded regions of a map, which was useful, but still required an internet connection to start browsing or searching for a specific location. Currently, Google Maps offers users a much better offline experience. Turn-by-turn navigation, location search and facility information are accessible without a data connection. However, there are some limitations to be noted. It is not possible to travel on foot, by public transport or by bicycle offline. Only driving instructions are available. When you’re not driving, using Google Maps offline can still be useful to show you nearby places if you’re out of signal.

How to download the app on iOS or Android

Search and browse Google Maps offline

You don’t need to do anything different to use your downloaded regions offline. Just search any location within that region. Even without a data or Wi-Fi connection, it will show up and you will be able to navigate complete with step-by-step directions in that area. The only feature you will miss is live traffic conditions and updates.

Manage Google Maps Offline Areas

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