How to Download Spotify Songs to An Apple Watch – Guide

If you have an Apple Watch and are a Spotify Premium user, this is what you’ve been waiting for feature for a long time. Spotify playlists, albums and podcasts can now be downloaded to Apple Watch for offline listening. Spotify introduced this for the first time feature at the final May, and has been gradually rolling it out to Apple Watches running the latest watchOS ever since. The Spotify app on Apple Watch was previously quite limited, only allowing you to play/pause, change songs, and change the volume of tracks played on your iPhone. It was basically useless if your iPhone wasn’t nearby and connected to your Apple Watch. That’s changing now, thankfully. Last November, Spotify made a small update for Apple Watch users. An update was released that allowed users to stream music from their Apple Watch without needing to have their iPhone with them, as long as the Apple Watch was connected to Wi-Fi or LTE (the latter meant they needed a cellular model). Unfortunately, as most customers have the cheaper Apple Watch, which only has Wi-Fi, it didn’t make much of a difference.

How to Download Spotify Music to an Apple Watch

Downloading Spotify music to your Apple device for offline listening is very simple and can be done on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Before starting, make sure your Apple Watch or iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or LTE. We recommend downloading when your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi, otherwise it will depend on your iPhone’s LTE connection, which obviously consumes data.

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