How To Download WhatsApp Status Photos/Video – Guide

WhatsApp Status lets you share photos and videos with people using the messaging service, which has become a ubiquitous social media platform in India. WhatsApp used to be an app where you could only chat, but a few years ago, they added a feature called WhatsApp Status. This one feature is similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories where sent messages are deleted after 24 hours. Creating a WhatsApp status is very easy, and if you want to see someone else’s status, you can do that by going to the Status tab in WhatsApp. But what if you want to save WhatsApp status? If you have an Android smartphone, you will be pleased to know that you can save WhatsApp status videos and photos by following the simple steps below. We often find a lot of funny WhatsApp status videos saved with this method, so it is useful to know. However, if you want to save someone’s WhatsApp status, make sure you get their permission first.

How to download whatsapp status videos and photos

Download whatsapp status using Google Files

Download status using Status Saver

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