How To Download YouTube Videos For Free And Legally – Guide

If you want to download YouTube videos, there are few legal ways to do so. It’s tempting to download YouTube videos to watch later or use as part of your own video projects, but there are some legal issues you need to consider. If you want to legally download YouTube videos to watch later, using YouTube Red is the best way. Downloading other people’s content from YouTube can be a pretty tricky situation, both ethically and legally. Today, we are going to talk about the situations where you can legally download YouTube videos. Google lets you watch YouTube videos offline at mobile in selected countries in the following ways. This is very useful when you can watch YouTube videos on the go on the subway or plane. If YouTube Premium is available for subscription in your country, you can subscribe to the YouTube Premium service and gain access to legally download as many YouTube videos as possible to your mobile device as you wish.

High risk of malware

Google “Download YouTube video” and you will see hundreds of self-proclaimed best online video downloader sites trying to entice you to use online video downloader. However, not all of them are supposed to be legitimate. Given the high competition, few can delve into other unethical activities to earn money from users. To download YouTube videos for free, you will need a free YouTube video downloader. Sometimes even two, as the first one has a network problem or is full of strange and intrusive ads. Generally, YouTube video downloaders available online have been a go-to destination for people looking to download YouTube videos for free. But in some cases, these “free” YouTube downloaders charge more than we could imagine.


Extracting videos from websites is not only dangerous but also illegal according to YouTube’s terms and conditions. In almost all countries with copyright laws, it is not allowed to download YouTube or make copies of any copyrighted content. If caught doing this, you could theoretically face trial or a fine. While YouTube has never attacked a user for downloading copyrighted content using a video downloader, the activity is illegitimate. It is highly unlikely that the YouTube video you want to save will be exempt from copyright laws. But there are some YouTube videos that do not fall under copyright laws, such as videos listed as Creative Common (CC) and videos with expired copyright. In short, downloading YouTube videos is illegal.

Final note

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