How to Easiest Move the Text Cursor on iPad and iPhone – Guide

Some of you may already be familiar with this handy option. However, if this is your first time learning about it today. When you’re typing on your iPhone or iPad and need to edit text in any app, there’s an easy way to position the text cursor exactly where you want it. Most iPhone users find this tip useful when typing or replying to text messages in the Messages app. To edit text as you type, iPhone users often erase all the text they just typed to simply return the cursor to where they need to make an edit. You can also select text in track pad mode. Then move your fingers to change the colored selection. Starting with one finger on the spacebar, place the cursor wherever you want and tap anywhere on the grayed-out keyboard to start selecting. You can use track pad mode even if you have an external keyboard connected. Tap a text input area, place two fingers anywhere to activate track pad mode, and drag your fingers to reposition the cursor (again, you can lift a finger after launching). To select text, place the cursor on a word, release your fingers, and tap once to select the word, twice for the sentence, and three times for the paragraph.

on iPhone

On an iPhone with 3D Touch, press your finger firmly (but not too hard) on the onscreen keyboard. On an iPhone without 3D Touch, hold your finger on the onscreen keyboard’s space bar for a moment. When the labels of buttons disappear, you are in virtual trackpad mode. Slide your finger across the screen to position the cursor exactly where you want it. When finished, lift your finger.

on the iPad

There are two ways to trigger virtual trackpad mode on an iPad. The first is like on the iPhone: gently place your finger on the space bar on the screen. Or you can just place two fingers on the on-screen keyboard at the same time. After a moment, the keyboard letters will disappear and you can use this area as a touch pad. Drag your finger to place the text cursor on the screen. When you’re done, lift your finger off the virtual keyboard and the cursor will stay where you left it. The on-screen keyboard letters are redisplayed and you can type again.

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