Years ago Apple famously argued that a button mouse was the way forward rather than the two button mouse preferred by Windows users the legacy of this choice has been a lot of uncertainty about how to right click on a Mac. However, we suspect that there are other factors at play that contribute to how to right click being a mystery to many Mac users. As most Mac users probably use laptops no rats, they must learn how to use the Apple trackpad, which has no visible means of indicating a left or right button click. So it is understandable that Mac users are confused about how to right click on the MacBook. Some customers may be confused because they switched from a PC to a Mac and don’t know the key combinations needed to perform common tasks like cut and paste.

Steps to Right-Click on a Mac Computer

Use a mouse with a right click button

The simplest option is to simply attach a mouse with a built-in right–click button. A recent Mac will quickly detect almost any mouse on the market and respond when you press the right buttons, whether wired or wireless and connected via a USB dongle.

Hold the “Control” button as you click

The control” button on a Mac is really what it claims to be. mostly computer–designed keyboardsis positioned differently from CTRL button, then write down which is which before you start clicking. You can tap the trackpad or use the left button mouse button to right-click while the control button is inactive, or you can use the only applicable buttonse.

Use two fingers on the trackpad

Right-clicking occurs when you tap your Mac’s trackpad with two fingers that are about an inch apart. Check your trackpad settings in System Preferences if your machine is not responding to two-finger tapping.

Steps to Right Click on a MacBook Pro

Final Words

We hope you like our article about How to right-click easily on Mac and MacBook Pro. The right click button on a mouse has become part of our daily lives. But if you’ve recently purchased an Apple Magic Mouse, you’ll notice that the Mac mouse that comes with your Mac doesn’t have any buttons like Windows.

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