How to Edit Bluetooth Name on iPhone/iPad – Guide

You might have so many Bluetooth devices paired with your iPhone that it can be hard to keep up with them all – headphones, headphones, speakers, maybe even a few cars. Even the default name that appears in the Bluetooth settings usually doesn’t help, for example many cars simply introduce themselves as “Car Multimedia”. Fortunately, you can rename your Bluetooth devices to make them more memorable. If you’ve connected multiple Bluetooth products to your iPhone, for example B. speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice, and more, it can be confusing to know what each product is in your Bluetooth settings. Because they are given a standard generic name that sets them apart, especially if you have several similar products connected (perhaps more than one set of headphones or speakers), generic names can result in connecting to the wrong Bluetooth device or disconnecting from the Bluetooth device. incorrect Bluetooth device. To simplify your life and stay organized, name your Bluetooth devices so you never have to worry about clutter again.

How to Edit Bluetooth Name on iPhone and iPad

How to Change the Bluetooth Name for an Accessory on an iPhone

Bluetooth accessory that connects an iPhone to have standard device names. You can also give these devices custom names to distinguish them from each other. For example, renaming AirPods makes it easier to manage if you have multiple pairs scattered around. Turn on Bluetooth and connect to the accessory before following the steps below.

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