Guide: How To Edit/Create Playlists in Plex Media Player

Plex is the model for how everything home should be a media centre. Well designed, compatible with the broadest range of devices, easy to set up and use. Oh, and cheap too. With both a free and premium version costing just $ 4.99 per month, it’s a very accessible way to access streaming media. One of the most excellent features is Plex’s ability to create playlists. If you want to binge a whole bunch of something, setting up a playlist makes it easy. Set it up, hit play and sit back and enjoy the show. Playlists can also work for music and provide seamless playback hours. Playlists are the modern mixtape. One way to diet up a whole series of episodes, movies or music tracks that can be played consecutively without input. It’s the ultimate in convenience and something most streaming apps have embraced, which is good news because we love it. Not all Kodi & Plex users here are a few facts about the potential dangers of unprotected online streaming: The only way to protect your display and identity in the three scenarios above is to use a VPN. By streaming content directly through your ISP, you potentially expose everything you watch on the Internet to both of them and those for whom they may be protecting interests. A VPN protects that. Follow these two links, and you’ll be streaming safely in no time: Plex has a good playlist feature which allows you to create, edit and delete playlists as needed. Once you know where to look and what to do, they are straightforward.

Creating playlists in Plex

Now everything is ready up; we’ll create a playlist for that binge-watch session. Since I am using the Android version of Plex Media Player, I will use that, but the same principle works for any version of PMP. Once completed, you can stream your playlist in order or shuffle them as you see fit. To shuffle your playlist:

Managing your Plex playlist

Once set up, your playlists aren’t set in stone. You can change the order in which media is displayed and add or remove media. To change the playback order: That works for Android, on iPhone you have to swipe down at the top of the playlist window and select Edit. However, the end result is the same. To remove a title from your playlist: The title should now disappear from your list and the others will be moved up. On iPhone, you need to reopen that Edit menu, select Delete, and then OK.

Delete a playlist

If you’ve watched or listened to everything in a playlist, you don’t need to keep it if you don’t want to. Just delete it and create a new one. You’ll have to select that menu again by swiping down if you’re using an iPhone. This time, select Delete on the right side of the panel to delete the playlist. I am sure there are many more playlists tricks which I haven’t discovered yet, but those are the basics. There is everything the average Plex user needs to create and manage their playlists. Do you know of any other ways to create playlists in Plex? Know neat tricks to manage them? Tell us below if you do!

How To Edit/Create Playlists in Plex Media Player: benefits


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