How to Edit Default Mail and Message Replies on Apple Watch – Guide

One of the best perks of using an Apple Watch is being able to view and respond to messages quickly. But for the quickest answers, neither typing nor dictating is as fast as another built-in feature: Standard answers. With standard replies, you can send predefined messages with one tap. Even better, you can edit the list and add your own responses. The default replies are short, commonly used phrases that you can use to send a message from your Apple Watch with a single tap, as explained on Apple’s support site. A list of standard answers appears under the circular blue answer grid buttons in the Messages app on Apple Watch under the Suggestions heading. Default replies also appear when you expand a notification so you can reply directly from the notification. You can use your voice to dictate, doodle, send an emoji, draw a picture, or reply to an incoming message or email with a predefined default reply, all without opening your iPhone. It might not be immediately obvious, but you can customize the default responses you see on your Apple Watch when an email or message arrives. In most cases, these messages were sent via SMS campaigns that sent a message to multiple recipients. Similar to email newsletter campaigns, text campaigns require a way for recipients to unsubscribe from future messages.

How to Customize default email and message replies on Apple Watch

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