How to Edit Google Photos Backup Quality On Android – Guide

Google Photos is one of the best support services up photos and videos to the cloud. There are a few upload quality options you can use to maximize your storage space. Starting June 1, 2021, Google Photos will no longer offer free unlimited storage. Previously you could go back up “High quality” photos and videos didn’t count towards your storage space. Now, everything you upload counts, so you may want to adjust your upload quality. The only exception is if you are using a Google Pixel phone. These devices continue to receive unlimited free backups with “Storage Saver” upload quality, formerly “High Quality”. Changing your upload quality settings only affects uploads on the device you are using. if you come back up photos and videos from various devices to Google Photos, you will need to adjust these settings on each device. Google Photos users can upload, view, edit, save new photos and create new videos, animations, collages, albums and photo albums. You can also download everything, which means your own cloud-based backup can easily be done. up your computer or an external hard drive. For those who don’t have a Google device (like the Pixel phone), you can automatically go back up and sync your photos and videos as you take them.

How to Edit Google Photos Backup Quality on Android

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