How to Edit Name on Twitch – Guide

Changing your Twitch username is a fairly straightforward process, although it may have some drawbacks, such as: a new channel URL if you’re a streamer with followers. Instead, you can only change your display name, which will not affect your channel URL or your followers’ ability to find you. As with many social accounts, we can sometimes be hasty in choosing a username. Over time, you may find that it’s not the name you wanted. It could also be that your current brand doesn’t match the name you’ve chosen. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to create a new account to get a new name. We all know this – we’ve been using an account for a while, and eventually we got bored with the name we initially chose. Fortunately, Twitch actually lets you change your name, which means you can spice it up. up your Twitch profile for a change of direction – a new year. There are several different reasons why you might want to change your Twitch name. Boredom, a change of content or just to spice things up up a little bit. Whatever the reason, you’ll be happy to know that changing your Twitch name couldn’t be easier. And while there are some limitations to the name change process, it only takes a few simple steps.

How to Edit name on Twitch

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