How To Enable 2-Step Verification For Gmail – Guide

Google will automatically register users to use 2-Step Verification (2SV) feature from the 9th of November. The company last month announced plans to automatically enable this security step for millions of users. The company claims that 2SV is one of the most reliable ways to prevent unauthorized access to accounts and networks. Two-factor authentication is the process of adding extra security, usually in the form of a physical device or unique key, when logging into your accounts. Google and Gsuite accounts make 2FA available through their own app called Google Authenticator, but it can also be obtained through third-party apps like Authy or 1Password. As our digital footprint grows and we have an increasing number of apps and social networks supported by just one email account, we put ourselves at greater risk of an online attack or data breach. Credentials for this single email account can provide access to dozens of social media accounts, bank accounts and even our phone’s current geolocation information. A Google study cites credential leaking and phishing as two of the most prevalent and destructive forms of user victimization; With some data breaches, it takes years for the target to realize their data has been stolen. Highly visible kidnapping incidents include attacks on journalists, politicians and government officials.

How to Enable 2-Step Verification for Gmail

Fortunately, enabling 2SV for a Google account is simple and painless. Although Google is automatically transforming the feature if the user has a verified device, you can sign in and enable it in advance, so you can set up the necessary preferences. Here it is how to Knife:

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