How to Enable and Disable Dark Theme on Per-Site Basis in Chrome – Guide

Google is working on a new feature which will allow users to easily decide which webpages they want to load with a dark or light theme in the Chrome browser. This is a great addition to the existing one. features which automatically enable dark theme for all web pages. The option to enable or disable dark themes for individual web pages is under development and was first dropped in the latest version of Chrome Canary v96.0.4652.2 for Android. This means that the feature is limited to Android devices as of now. If you find the Chrome Dark Theme interesting per site and want to try it out, please do so here: you must be using Chrome v96.0.4652.2 or later. As of now, only available on the Canary channel. After the update, launch the Chrome browser and visit chrome://flags. and follow the steps below.

Steps to enable or disable dark theme per site

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