How to Enable and Disable Low Data Mode on iPhone – Guide

iOS 13 or later iPad or iPhone Low Data Mode changes the way your iPhone or iPad uses the Internet connection and performs background tasks. After enabling low data mode on iPhone, you may not be able to notice the changes right away, but they will be visible with long-term use. For example, you still get notifications, web browsing, and other parts of iOS seem to work normally. However, some tasks will pause on the specific internet connection while low data mode is enabled. iPhone will automatically stop syncing your photos and videos to iCloud and will need your permission to start the syncing process. iOS also prevents iCloud from creating automatic iCloud backups when you are connected to that network with low data mode enabled. In such cases, iPhone will ask for permission to create a new iCloud backup for your device. However, this does not affect how specific content is synced to iCloud and other devices. For example, low-bandwidth items such as notes, content, bookmarks, calendar, etc. will still be synced via iCloud even when Low Data Mode is enabled.

How to enable or disable Low Data Mode on iPhone

You can turn Low Data Mode on and off if you are using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

for WiFi

for cellular data

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