How to Enable and Use Accessibility Shortcut on Apple Watch – Guide

Accessibility is always important as it facilitates the use of devices by people with visual or hearing impairments. Apple always does a great job when it comes to accessibility, and you’ll find plenty of accessibility options on your iPhone or iPad to make life easier. Maybe you need more sound on one side of your favorite headphones, or you just need to make the text easier to read. No matter what you need, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are very comprehensive so you won’t feel left behind. With the Accessibility Shortcut on Apple Watch, you can quickly enable accessibility features designed to help you use your watch more conveniently based on your needs. Allows quick access to three VoiceOver, Zoom or Touch adjustment options. all accessibility features were introduced to improve the user experience for watch owners who have special needs and suffer from different types of disabilities. You probably know that accessibility features on your iPhone can be easily activated via an action shortcut. When enabled, triple-click the home button activates selected options quickly. Well, this shortcut was also imported to Apple Watch!

How to set Accessibility Shortcut on your Apple Watch

How to use the Accessibility Shortcut on Apple Watch

After activating the Accessibility Shortcut on your watch, you can activate it by quickly pressing the Digital Crown three times. When you turn on VoiceOver, the watch’s built-in screen reader tells you aloud what’s happening on the screen. For example, when you place your finger on an app, the app’s name is spoken. Enabling Zoom allows you to zoom in on the information on your watch for a better view. Double tap with two fingers to zoom in. Repeat to zoom out again. Enabling touch accommodations changes how your device’s screen responds to taps, swipes, and other gestures. You can customize this to suit your specific needs and you should configure your settings in advance as explained below.

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