How To Enable and Use Chrome’s Tab Freezing Feature – Guide

Google Chrome, the most popular browser in the world, received a new update today. Tab Freezing is a fascinating new feature in Chrome 79 which is hidden behind an experimental flag. See How to test it. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser to date and is available for all major platforms including Windows, Android and Linux. It has a sophisticated rendering engine that meets all current web standards. Google Chrome has a variety of useful and experimental features features. They are not intended for general use, although enthusiasts and testers can readily activate them. When activating new features, these experiments features can dramatically improve Chrome browser user experience. You can use hidden settings called ‘flags’ to enable or disable an experimental feature. Google Chrome’s ‘Tab Freezing’ function is also an experiment feature. When enabled, the browser can identify when your computer’s memory is low and suspend tabs you haven’t used or viewed in a while. If you haven’t used a tab in 5 minutes, the browser will turn it off.

To enable tab freezing in Google Chrome,

Note that it is still an experiment feature in Chrome, so it might work with issues. From now on, you can set the option to one of the following modes:

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