How to Enable and Use the Kids Mode on MS Edge Browser – Guide

Microsoft Edge’s Kids Mode is a feature that creates an environment where kids can browse the web safely and privately, with a fun theme and colors, website filter protection, and safer online searches. O feature is available starting in version 90 and is designed to allow parents to unlock their Windows 10 devices without worrying about children interfering with their experience or loading websites that are not age-appropriate. When you turn on Kids Mode, the experience creates an isolated, restricted profile that appears full screen based on the selected age group. During the experiment, children can only access a predefined set of age-appropriate sites. Microsoft Edge includes a number of selected sites, but you can always manage the list to add or remove sites as needed. The experience also has an exit password requirement to make it difficult for users to close and bypass the mode. Child mode is a feature which came to Microsoft Edge :updated. It is a special mode that shrinks the browser, adds some features, and lets parents set control over what their kids can do online. At the time of writing, Kids Mode is only available in US English and works in Microsoft Edge on Windows and macOS.

How to Enable and Use Kids Mode in MS Edge Browser

Change kids mode theme

Once you enter kid mode, you can change your appearance with custom themes. It is worth mentioning that the theme applied in children’s mode will not affect the theme of your regular browsing sessions. To change the theme within children’s mode, click on ‘Colors and Background’ button. Choose one of the themes and click ‘Done’ to apply it.

Allow specific websites in child mode

You cannot set site permissions when in child mode. To do this, you must be on the profile you used to create the children’s mode.

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