How to Enable Auto Delete timer on Telegram – Guide

Home messaging platform Telegram today released a massive update to its platform for its Android and iOS based apps. WhatsApp rival will include the ability to add up to 1,000 viewers in a group video call, increase the resolution of video messages, and give users three different video playback speed options, including device sound in one-to-one screen sharing, new accurate drawing functions , password animations, password recovery and reminders, a new in-app camera on iOS, the option to send a message to multiple recipients at the same time on iOS and new animated emojis. In addition, Telegram has also arrived up with a small change in your current features. The messaging platform already has an auto-delete timer feature which essentially allows users to set a timer for all messages shared on their platform. This can only be set to one day or one week. But now there is an update that Telegram has added the third addition to its list. From now on, users can set a timer for one month and selected messages will be automatically deleted after one month.

How to Enable auto-delete timer on Android devices

How to Enable auto-delete timer on iOS devices

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