How to Enable Bluetooth on Windows 11 – Guide

Bluetooth has been one of the most popular technologies and is widely used on Windows PCs. With advances in technology, Bluetooth devices are used more prominently along with laptops and smartphones. You can often see Bluetooth audio devices connected to them for easy access. Along with this major Windows update, a lot has changed in the operating system, accessing the new settings can be difficult for some. So we bring you simple steps for you to follow to learn how to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11. Bluetooth has become a necessity in recent years due to the ease of connectivity it offers. All smartphones and most new generation computers offer the possibility to name a few, along with many other devices such as speakers and headphones. Bluetooth not only improves accessibility and makes the device portable, it also eliminates the need for messy wires. There are two ways to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11, via ‘Settings’ or ‘Action Center’.

Where is Bluetooth in Windows 11?

The Bluetooth setting is in the Settings app in Windows 11. You can find all the Bluetooth and connected devices options by going to the Settings app and choosing Bluetooth & Devices from the left sidebar.

How do I enable Bluetooth in Windows 11?

Bluetooth can be turned on (or off) in the Settings app or the Quick Settings menu on the taskbar. Once you’ve paired a Bluetooth device, it’s easy to use the quick settings toggle button to connect or disconnect the Bluetooth device. Here are three ways to turn Bluetooth on in Windows 11 or turn it off when not needed.

How do I disable Bluetooth in Windows 11?

As explained above, use the Bluetooth toggle button button to disable Bluetooth in Windows 11. You can also disable Bluetooth permanently in Device Manager.

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