These days, cookies are getting a bad rap. And everyone believes that the best way to protect your privacy is to block them. While it is true that many businesses track you without your consent and use this information improperly, not all cookies are bad. For websites to operate normally, some cookies are required. Cookies, for instance, can keep you logged in to websites, remember your preferences, such as whether or not you want to receive notifications, and provide you with pertinent local content.

Ways to Enable Cookies On iPhone 14

Enable Cookies in Safari

Enable Cookies in Chrome

Enable Cookies in Firefox

Enable Cookies in Opera Touch

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the files that a website creates on your laptop or smartphone to store data about you. A website can improve your browsing experience by storing information because the file enables the website to recognize you. Cookies make it possible for your browser to keep you signed in when you log in to a specific website. Similar to this, cookies are at work when you leave some items in your shopping cart while doing online shopping and come back to find them still there. First-party cookies and third-party cookies are the two different categories of cookies. The websites you visit are the ones who create first-party cookies. On the other hand, third-party cookies are made by other websites. If a website owns any content, such as ads or images, on the website you’re visiting, it may create third-party cookies whenever you visit. We’re interested in first-party cookies. It’s in your best interest to give them permission because they can save you a lot of time.

Why enable cookies on iPhone at all?

Indeed, cookies often receive a bad rap. Because of this, many people decide to look up how to delete cookies from an iPhone 14 pro max and disable them permanently. The subsequent course of events is less clear. You are automatically logged out of all previously visited websites when you delete cookies from your iPhone. You will need to re-log in everywhere using your username and password combination as a result. Additionally, you must click through another round of all the sign-up pop-ups, banners, and notifications. All of the unfinished tasks are also deleted. The question is, can you delete cookies in a more precise manner? And yes is the response. Most cookies fall into two categories: first-party (installed by the websites you visit and used to remember your preferences) and third-party (those that are installed by other websites and track you around the web). The latter is what you want to delete when you’re wondering how to delete cookies on an iPhone.

Final Words

We’ll explain how to enable cookies on your iPhone for the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. However, you might be curious as to what a cookie is. A cookie is a tiny file that a website saves to your web browser app. As far as storage size is concerned, cookies can be as small as a few kilobytes. A cookie offers a more streamlined web experience. This is because if a website installs a cookie on your computer, it can recognize you when you visit it again. This makes using the website much simpler because you might not need to log in again. We hope our article on “How to Enable Cookies On iPhone 14” will surely help you to do so.

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