How To Enable Dark Mode in Chrome – Guide

Google has been doing everything with Dark Mode since its latest version of Android. android 10 featured a full system-wide dark mode for the Google Pixel phones. The current flagship, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, also included some advanced theming and customization options in Settings > Developer Options, where you can change accent colors, icons, fonts, and so on. In addition, several Google apps have already received support for dark mode. Although we have a dark mode in Chrome for Android, it is limited to the app layout only. However, here’s a simple trick which will give you a complete dark mode that can even make your favorite websites dark. Several competing browsers have already implemented dark mode support, including Samsung Internet, Mozilla Firefox for Android. However, not everyone has a Samsung device, or especially a Firefox fan. As Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, many users rely on Google features like autocomplete and save passwords as mentioned in this post here. Now, Google may or may not officially bring in a full dark mode toggle for websites as well.

How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode on Android

Before seeing the steps on how to enable dark mode in Chrome when using an Android device, it is important to note that your device must be running Android 5 or up and has support for Dark theme. Here it is how to enable configuration:

How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode on iPhone

You can enable dark mode in Chrome available on your iPhone by enabling system-wide dark mode which is available starting with iOS 14. Here’s how. Chrome also applies its dark mode by default on the iPad if you’ve enabled system-wide dark mode via the iPadOS settings menu.

How to enable Chrome dark mode on a Windows PC

To enable Dark Mode in Chrome available on a Windows PC, make sure your device is running Windows 10.

How to turn on chrome dark mode on a mac

Apple has provided a system-wide Dark Mode on Mac devices running on macOS 10.14 and above. You can take advantage of this update to start using Chrome in dark mode on your Mac machine.

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