How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Discover Feed – Guide

The search giant enriches Pixel devices again and again with its wealth of specific tweaks, features and other optimizations. There are several other benefits of being the Pixel device user. Among them, dark mode on Google Discover is a well-reserved feature feature for Pixel devices. It’s officially only available on Pixel devices, but there are a few ways to use it on non-Pixel devices as well. Dark mode is not only good for the eyes, but also for the smartphone (especially if it has an AMOLED screen). Of course, both iOS and Android introduced a system-wide dark UI. However, not all apps support dark mode, and unless you’re a Pixel user, you’re probably using a light-colored Google Discover feed. But you can darken it with these tricks. Google Discover is an AI-powered content recommendation service that displays news articles, reviews, videos, and blogs based on your browsing history. It also uses your location to show you weather updates. Discover’s feed can be customized to your liking to provide you with more meaningful content. Google Discover is a news aggregation service with other useful information like a weather map etc. It collects news and blog articles based on search intent and past browsing history. It is quite a useful tool for Android or Chrome users and helps to provide useful content without any hassle and extra effort.

How to add a dark theme in Google Discover using Nova Launcher

If you select the “Follow Night Mode” theme, Nova will follow the automatic setting for Night Mode. Optionally, you can set a custom time range by selecting your preferred sunset and sunrise time. Note that if you open Discover in the Google search widget, you will see the light theme even when in dark mode.

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