How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Photos – Guide

Whether on Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, everyone loves dark mode as the benefits are not one or two. Many newly discovered benefits are gradually being recognized by digital users. From a health point of view, it is scientifically proven that dark mode is much less harmful to our eyes compared to standard light mode, mainly because it negates harmful blue light. And this positive trend is especially noticeable when we look at the screen of our device for a long time. Nonprofit research suggests that continuous exposure to blue light over time can lead to retinal cell damage and eventually vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration or digital eyestrain. Fortunately, with dark mode, you can avoid these negative symptoms. In addition, this mode helps to optimize battery consumption on your devices and improves the overall aesthetics with a more elegant user interface. Dark mode is pretty much everywhere these days and can be enabled on any operating system. Android 10 and iOS 13 added the feature natively, and many of your favorite apps now include the option. One of the apps that lets you enjoy the benefits of dark mode is Google Photos.

Enable Dark Mode in Google Photos on Pixel Devices

Enable dark mode in Google Photos on other Android devices

If you’re someone who doesn’t own a Pixel, don’t worry. You can even enable dark mode for Google Photos. To do this, follow these steps. The night mode toggle follows the same principles as the device theme. That is, all apps that rely on night mode will switch to dark mode if a dark version of the app is available.

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