How to Enable Dark Mode in Reddit – Guide

If you’re a Reddit fan, I’m sure you’d love to know all the tips and app-related hacks. Flipping through Reddit pages even when the whole world is asleep will definitely hurt your eyes when the rays of the bright white screen get into your eyes. Well, Reddit Dark Mode is here on the market to save your eyes from all that annoyance. All enthusiasts can rejoice now that this updated version of Reddit is available for iPhone and Android users and applicable in other browsers. Reddit is among the top social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is basically a website that hosts social news aggregations, web content reviews and other discussions for its users. The app also recently added a live stream feature to your database. It was founded by Aaron Schwartz, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, who were roommates at the University of Virginia. The Reddit engine works so that users can post content such as images, texts, links and videos. These posts are then voted on up or down by other users.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Reddit in Safari

Is Safari your preferred browser? If that’s the case, we also assume you open Reddit through it. In that case, you should know that turning on Reddit’s dark mode is as easy as it gets:

How to Enable Dark Mode on Reddit in Chrome

Chrome is one of the most used browsers around the world. If you are a loyal fan and open all websites through it, activating Reddit’s dark mode will not be difficult:

How to Enable Dark Mode on Reddit in Microsoft Edge

If your favorite browser is Microsoft Edge, there is no need to use an alternative when browsing Reddit. Also, enabling dark mode is simple:

How to Enable Dark Mode on Reddit in Firefox

Those who use Firefox and want to enable dark mode on Reddit need to follow these steps:

Final note

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