How to Enable Dark Mode on Chromebook – Guide

Microsoft offers Dark Mode for Windows, Apple offers Dark Modes for macOS and iOS, and Google includes Dark Mode for Android. Follow the links in the previous sentence to TechRepublic articles that will help you configure and use dark mode on each of these platforms. Currently, Chrome OS does not offer dark mode. There were chrome://flag options and various hints that dark mode might be an option for Chrome OS. The following four tweaks can help you approximate dark mode on a Chromebook. But even with all that enabled, you’ll still find some brilliant sites: many system-controlled pages like Chrome settings and the Chrome Web Store can’t be customized by a third-party theme or extension. Chrome The operating system includes a wallpaper selection app that you access by right-clicking anywhere on a blank Chromebook screen. that will bring up a menu from which you select the final option, Set wallpaper. Then select Solid Colors from the list on the left and scroll to the bottom of the colors shown to select Black. The Chrome team also offers a Just Black browser theme that makes many of Chrome’s controls, tabs, and colors black. In your Chromebook browser, go to chrome://settings/appearance and click or tap Browser Themes, which opens the Chrome Web Store. In the Published section of Chrome, click the See All button, click the Just Black theme and select Add to Chrome.

How to Enabling Dark Mode on a Chromebook

Dark Mode was one of the most requested system updates features for Chromebooks. Regardless of the device, many people prefer dark mode as it makes it easier to see a screen for a long time. the dark mode feature it is especially useful for those who work at night. Dark mode is also useful as it reduces the blue light emitted by the screen, minimizing eye strain. from this feature is new, your device must meet certain requirements before you can activate it. You need to enable some Chrome flags, experimental features Google is currently working for starters. To switch to the Beta channel on your Chromebook, this is what you need to do:

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