How to Enable Develop Menu in Safari on Mac – Guide

The Develop menu gives developers many options including the ability to customize browser user agents, use web checking tools, use the error console, code snippets and extension editors, caches, images, java script, CSS , responsive mode and more to remove. It’s incredibly useful for anyone working online and a must-have opportunity for many of us. Safari’s Develop menu adds several features for Mac browser, including check and error consoles, Java script debug tools, the ability to disable various page elements, enable the Do Not Track featureWebGL -Use acceleration and provide an easy way to change the user agent of the browser. The developer menu in Safari for Mac OS and Mac OS X is disabled by default, but can be quickly enabled through the app’s preferences to reveal advanced developer-specific information features in the web browser. The developer menu has been around for a while, but in a recent article on how to manipulate the Mac OS X browser user agent in Safari or scroll the command line, we didn’t mention how to enable the menu… oops. And yes, this applies to all modern versions of Safari on any reasonably modern version of Mac OS X or macOS or labeled as 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 Mojave, 10.5 Catalina and later.

Enable the development menu in Safari on Mac

The Develop menu in the Safari browser allows you to clear your Safari cache, disable Safari extensions, and provide access to a variety of others. features in your Mac’s Safari browser. As mentioned above, you can only access these additional Safari settings after enabling the Develop menu in your MacBook’s Safari browser. Fortunately, it’s very easy to activate the development menu in the Safari browser by going to the System Preferences screen on your Mac.

Steps to Enable the Development Menu in Safari on Mac

Follow the steps below to Show the Development Menu in Safari Browser on Mac. This will activate the development menu in the Safari menu bar on your Mac, making it easy to clear Safari cache and access many other Safaris features.

How to Use the development menu on Mac

Everything needed to use the Develop menu to access additional Safari features is a click on the Develop tab on the Safari menu bar. For example, the Develop menu can be used to clear Safari cache and disable Safari extensions on your Mac.

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