How to Enable/Disable Ambient Mode on Google Assistant – Guide

If you are using Google Assistant on your Android phone, you can turn on ambient mode feature add interactive features to the lock screen. This is a type of smart screen that is activated when your phone is loading and replaces the lock screen. You can view notifications, weather updates, play music, view photos, and perform a variety of other functions without opening the lock screen. This article will guide you through how to activate Google Assistant’s ambient mode. The wizard’s environment mode is designed to display information on the lock screen that you would otherwise need to see when unlocking your device. Shows information such as time until your next meeting, your driving time, and even options for turning off the lights when you want to leave the house. The functionality is almost identical to what you would get with a Google Nest Hub. O feature aims to turn even a simple smartphone into a smart display style device.

Steps to Enabling Google Assistant Ambient Mode

The Ambient Photo Frame option will display a slideshow of your Google photos on your phone when loading. To enable it, tap the ‘Select Google Photos Album’ option, choose your favorite album, then tap Done.

Steps to enable environment mode on Nokia Phones

On some devices, eg Nokia, to enable Ambient mode, go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Ambient screen > and enable Always on while charging.

Steps to turn off / turn off the wizard’s environment mode

Here it is how to disable Google Assistant ambient mode on your phone. Some users have reported that displaying the environment on the LCD screen significantly increases charging time. In that case, you can turn it off by going to the Google Assistant settings menu. For your information, some users have reported that Photo Frame option in ambient view is to blame for slower loading times. So, just disable this option if you want to transform your phone on a smart display.

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