How to enable/disable fullscreen mode on Windows 10/11 – Guide

In this article, you will learn how to enable Windows 10 full screen start menu or how to disable Windows 10 full screen start menu. Start Menu is back with Windows 10 and is the default setting for users who have mice and keyboards connected to their systems. However, the Start screen (or the full-screen Start menu) does not disappear. It still exists and should be the default layout for those using touch-enabled devices such as tablets. For those interested in using full screen, start on the desktop. It can be easily activated in Windows 10. Likewise, users who want to switch from full screen home screen to smaller start menu can also follow this tutorial. There are some others tutorials about “Desktop” before starting the steps, you can click on the link. Enabling or disabling the full-screen Start menu in Windows 10 helps you get to know the Start menu in Windows 10 better. One thing to remember from start to finish tutorial is that the important points are marked with colors and directed with lines.

How to enable/disable fullscreen mode in Windows 10/11

Enable Start Menu Full Screen in Windows 10

To make the Start menu full screen, follow these steps: Once you’ve completed the steps, the menu will resize and will now take up the entire screen, allowing you to view all your apps pinned in one view. Although all apps are not available in this mode, it is easily accessible by clicking the “All apps” button button from the upper left corner. If you’re using a big screen, instead of listing the tiles on the left side, you can create one or two groups and drag them to the middle of the screen. That way, when you open the Start menu, all your favorite apps will be front and center for quicker access. In case you just want to enlarge the menu, it is not necessary to enable full screen mode. You can resize the menu by holding the corner with the mouse cursor and expanding outwards (or inwards to make it smaller).

Disable Start Menu Full Screen in Windows 10

If you want the traditional menu back, your system is still stuck in fullscreen mode, or you are facing another issue, you can disable the mode manually using the Settings app. To disable full screen mode for the Start menu, follow these steps:

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