How to Enable/Disable Print Spooler Service on Windows 10/11 PC – Guide

PrintNighmare is a zero-day vulnerability that exploits a critical stream running a compromised printer (local or remote) to take control of your PC. You can learn more about how it works. All versions of Windows are currently in the crosshairs because the vulnerability is in the Windows Print Spooler Service (spoolsv.exe), which manages print jobs. Until Microsoft releases an appropriate hotfix, one way to fix the situation yourself is to change a specific printer policy using the Group Policy Editor. This will prevent remote connection requests from coming in to your printer. (However, this only works on Professional editions of Windows 10.) If you cannot change the group policy setting (for example, if you are running Home Windows 10 edition), you can completely disable the print spooler service on your computer by disabling the Windows Services window. Do you want to disable the print spooler service? Windows 10 runs the service to keep your print and fax jobs running smoothly, but there might be reasons you might need to stop it. We show you how it works. One of the reasons some people shut down the service is the increased PrintNightmare vulnerability, which could allow hackers to take over and remotely control PCs. While Microsoft is releasing a security advisory about this exploit and working on a suitable fix, you can disable the vulnerable service.

How to enable or disable print spooler service in Windows 11/10

Enable or disable the print spooler service through services

Enable or Disable Print Spooler Service via Command Prompt

net start spooler mains stop coil

Enable or disable the print spooler service through system configuration

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