How to Enable/Disable Startup Boost in Microsoft Edge – Guide

Microsoft Edge gets a new feature which allows him to start faster. It’s called a boot boost. It starts several Edge processes in the background (with low priority) when you log into your PC. The browser will be available faster when you launch it. At the time of writing, the feature is available in the browser development version, but should be included in the stable version soon. Here it is how to enable it. Startup Boost aims to accelerate up the launch of the Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows devices. O feature It essentially consists of loading core Microsoft Edge processes in the background at system startup. The concept is not new, but Microsoft points out that it significantly speeds up up Microsoft Edge opening when a user logs in or after the browser is completely closed. Edge users will benefit from the feature, especially since Microsoft says it doesn’t cost a lot of resources. Anyone who doesn’t actively use Microsoft’s browser should disable Startup Boost as it does not add value and can increase system startup time (not by much, but still). During the beta phase, Startup Boost was only enabled on devices with Edge as the default browser and only if those devices had more than 4 gigabytes of RAM or more than 1 gigabytes of RAM if a modern hard drive was installed.

How to enable/disable launch boost in Microsoft Edge Browser

How to Enable Boot Boost in Edge

How to Disable Startup Boost in Edge

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