How To Enable/Disable Steam Family Sharing – Guide

Steam understands that not everyone can get their hands on the latest games available. Therefore, Steam decided to create a feature that would allow users to share their games with close friends and family. However, it comes with its limitations. When you share a library, the person you share it with can download and play your games on their computer. If there’s a game gathering dust in your Steam library that your friend or family member has had their eyes on for a while, maybe you’ve recommended a game and someone has strongly indicated they’d like to borrow it… Well, that’s all possible now on Steam. makes it possible for you to share your games with Steam Family Sharing. Steam Family Sharing allows you, your friends and family to share games together while keeping your accounts separate. With easy-to-use Steam feature, you, your friends and family can play each other’s games while earning your own achievements and saving your own game progress via the Steam Cloud. To enable Family Sharing and authorize a shared library, you and anyone you want to share your games with must first enable Steam Guard. This could be fixing bugs in the game or offering a new Steam features to make your life easier. The last step towards the best user experience is Steam Family Sharing feature.

How to enable/disable Steam Family Sharing

Firstly, enable Steam Guard security

It’s a necessary step before we can allow family sharing and it should be done. Follow the steps given and you will be able to do it very well:- You will have two options here. They are:

Steps to Enable Steam Family Sharing

It is very simple after going through our mentioned steps. So read it carefully and you will manage it very easily. Here we go:

Final note

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