How to Enable/Disable Tab Preview in Safari for Mac – Guide

Newer versions of Safari for Mac show a thumbnail preview of web pages as you hover over the tabs. Some users may find floating thumbnail previews distracting and may want to turn them off. While Safari has many options and preferences, interestingly the ability to turn off tab previews on hover is not available in the default Safari options on Mac. However, you can still disable tab previews in Safari, just take a few extra steps to do so. To turn off hover tab previews, you will first need to enable the Debug menu in Safari, which is separate and different from the Developer menu, being enabled in Terminal instead of Preferences as the latter.

How to Enable/Disable Tab View in Safari for Mac

How to turn off tab view in Safari for Mac

How to Enable Safari Tab Previews on Mac

To revert the change at any time, simply repeat the steps, except in step 7 be sure to replace the “1” in the final of the Terminal command by “0”. After pressing Enter and restarting Safari, your tab views will be restored.

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