How to Enable/Disable Typing Indicators in Signal – Guide

Signal usage has increased due to privacy concerns around using the WhatsApp app after the company updated its terms and made it mandatory for all users to accept them by the first week of February. The Signal app is quite similar to WhatsApp in terms of features. Also, the app does not collect metadata from users. It also comes with an interesting assortment of features, with a mix of news and something we’ve seen before. One of these feature it is a tip display, similar to many chat apps. But unlike many others, Signal allows users to turn off the tip exhibition. It’s an indicator to see when someone you’re chatting with is typing a message to send you. Want to be sneaky when texting your friends and colleagues on Signal? Not everyone wants the other person to know they are typing. Signal, unlike most other messaging platforms, offers a unique setting that allows you to disable typing indicators if needed. Most messaging platforms today show when someone is typing a message. meanwhile it’s really cool feature so you don’t leave the chat mid-conversation, it has its fair share of negatives. Accidental pressure can trigger the tip display, and this can sometimes be an issue when you are in an active group chat. If you often type long messages, turn off the tip display might be a better option.

Steps to Enable or Disable Typing Indicators in Signal (Android)

Steps to Enable or Disable Signal Typing Indicators (iOS)

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