How to Enable/Disable Voice Typing on Windows 11 – Guide

Windows consists of a large number of secret tools, maybe we can’t call them secret tools, but few people know about them. This makes them terrible as secrets. Like the Windows dictation tool. Windows has a built-in speech-to-text tool that you can use to type anything you say. You don’t need to install any additional software. So, imagine you’re in a class or a meeting and instead of taking notes manually, you can just turn on dictation and Windows will type it all in for you. Will it be easy? Instead of trying to write everything down, you can turn your full focus to listening. this is just an example. Dictation is very useful on many other occasions as well. Sometimes you are trying to gather your thoughts about something, or you may be at the moment when you are writing your speech as a bridesmaid or best man. Or are you trying to move the next chapter in your novel. You have the most appropriate line, maybe even a paragraph in your mind. But when you start typing, it’s too late. Some thoughts are best captured in a conversation. With dictation, you can do just that.

How to Use Windows 11’s built-in voice typing tool

The native Windows 11 voice typing tool is a system-wide utility and works across all applications and environments, whether it’s a browser, Notepad, or an Office application. If you see a text field, just call up the voice typing toolbar and you’re ready to go. That said, keep in mind that you’ll need an active Internet connection for voice typing to work.

Enable voice typing launcher in Windows 11

You can also turn on the “Voice Typing Launcher” so that the voice typing overlay appears whenever you click on a text field. No matter what application or window you are in, just click on the “microphone” button and start typing by voice instantly.

Use Voice Typing in Office Applications on Windows 11

In case you didn’t know, in addition to integrated voice typing, Office apps also come with a “Dictate” option, and it works the same way. In fact, it also supports auto scoring and works on Windows 10 as well. Those who use the free Office web portal can also take advantage of Microsoft Speech Services without any limitation. On a side note, you can find the differences between Office Web and Desktop apps in our in-depth article. Remember that the Transcribe feature in Word is different from voice typing and is only available to paid users. To learn how to use voice typing feature works in Microsoft Office applications, follow the steps below:

Use Voice Typing in Windows 10

While Windows 11 has a much smarter voice typing utility, Windows 10 also comes with a native dictation tool. You can use the same keyboard shortcut “Windows + H” and the dictation window will appear at the top of the screen. The difference between the dictation tools in Windows 10 and voice typing in Windows 11 is the lack of automatic punctuation in the former. You need to use dictation commands to add punctuation, letters, symbols, etc. in Windows 11. Here it is how to do it.

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