How to Enable/Disable Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 – Guide

You can use game DVR feature from the Xbox app on Windows 10 to record videos of your PC game and upload them to any social site, easily from the Game Bar in the app. We saw how to use Game DVR on Windows 10. Now let’s see how to disable Game DVR from Xbox app on Windows 11/10 when you don’t need it. You can show the “Game Bar” with a simple key combination, Win + G, and get quick access to the game features. The functionality of this bar is not limited to recording video games played on the device, but also capturing screenshots of game clips. Game Bar on Windows 10 is a tool designed to help gamers record videos, transfer their games online, take screenshots and quickly access the Xbox app. It’s an efficient tool, but not everyone needs it or wants it on their PC. This is especially true if something goes wrong with a Windows 10 update and the Game Bar becomes obsolete until an update comes from Microsoft. Here are some ways to disable or remove the Game Bar and some of the features that can affect your PC’s performance.

How to Enable/Disable Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar

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