How To Enable Do Not Disturb Mode On Samsung Galaxy – Guide

With Do Not Disturb enabled on your smartphone, you can silence voice notifications for incoming messages and calls, with or without exception. imagining how to use this feature on your new Samsung Galaxy phone? This post will help you get started. read to learn how to to define up and manage DND settings on Samsung Galaxy S21 running latest One UI 4.0 platform.

Why do you need to enable Do Not Disturb mode?

Here are some reasons why you need to enable Do Not Disturb feature on your smartphone: If those are the cases, why don’t you put the phone in silent mode or turn off all notifications? What makes Do Not Disturb different? When you turn on silent mode, it silences all alerts on your phone completely. You won’t be able to hear any phone incoming calls, notifications, alarms and any other alerts until you turn off the feature. But Do Not Disturb mode lets you set up exceptions. You can customize and create a schedule so that it turns on and off automatically. So you won’t miss certain alerts coming.

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Samsung Galaxy

There are two different methods to enable Do Not Disturb mode on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+. Both ways are simple and easy, but one is faster than the other.

Steps to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode in Quick Settings

Steps to Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb Mode in Settings

how to set Up Exceptions in Do Not Disturb Mode

By default, Do Not Disturb mode will silence all phone calls, messages, notifications and alerts by activating it. If you wish to receive certain alerts while activating the mode, it is possible. you can set up Settings exceptions.

How to set a schedule in Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes you may forget to turn off the feature and miss tons of incoming notifications. Do Not Disturb lets you set up a schedule. You can set it to one hour, bedtime, every day, or just on weekends. So it will be automatically enabled/disabled for you.

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