How to Enable HDR in Windows 11 – Guide

On just about any PC, Microsoft’s Windows 11 is a lovely operating system. You’ll get a brighter and more vivid experience if you have a monitor that can run in high dynamic range (HDR) mode, whether you’re hovering your mouse around your desktop, watching your favorite HDR movies, or playing your favorite HDR game. As a result, you’ll want to double-check that it’s enabled. If your monitor supports HDR, make sure it is turned on as soon as Windows 11 starts up so you can see vibrant operating system wallpapers and visual design updates at their best. HDR setting can be enabled by default if you upgrade to Windows 11 on an existing PC, download a Windows 11 ISO for a clean install, or purchase a new one laptop or desktop with it preloaded. When I originally installed Windows 11 on my PC using my LG C1 OLED TV, this seemed to be the case. However, when I initially rebooted, I found that HDR was disabled for some reason, resulting in a flatter, flatter image in Windows 11.

How to Enable HDR on Windows 11

And, as is often the case with Windows, there are a few ways to enable HDR in Windows 11, either through the desktop or the Start menu.

  1. Right-click on the desktop and click Display Settings. Avoiding the new Start menu for now, clicking Display Settings on the desktop shortcut menu brings up up a redesigned window for most of your monitor tuning needs.
  2. Move the key labeled Use HDR. An item below in the Windows 11 display settings window, you should see a Use HDR item. To the right of the label is a toggle switch. If your monitor supports HDR, you can swap it out and bathe in extra color brilliance, contrast, and brightness. If you’d like to play around with Windows 11’s HDR settings instead of just turning on HDR, there’s also a more advanced HDR menu. You can access it by clicking the Windows logo (or pressing the Windows key) to open the Start menu, typing HDR and pressing Enter. From this HDR settings window, you can enable or disable HDR and change HDR settings on all available HDR-compatible monitors. You can also select the type of content you want to play in HDR, turn on auto HDR (which tries to make SDR games look more like HDR) and much more.

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