How to Enable Holiday Sounds on Nest Hello Doorbell – Guide

Google also had holiday doorbell options last year – but only as a benefit to subscribers to its smart alarm service, Nest Aware. This year, owners of both the battery-powered Nest doorbell and the wired version (formerly Nest Hello) can have fun without this subscription. Google mentions that the latest battery-powered Nest doorbell requires users to use Google Home app with an account to activate themes – while wired users can also activate them through the Nest app and website. If you have a Nest video doorbell, there are a lot of cool things you can do with it – but one of the funniest things is adding new sounds to the doorbell to celebrate Halloween. You see, Google offers so-called seasonal themes for your Nest doorbell settings. The older Nest Hello doorbell works a little differently, but the steps in this guide must still apply. While the newer Nest doorbells may have more evergreen themes, for now, Google is still rolling out seasonal themes like Halloween for all doorbells. There is a winter holiday option, but now is the perfect time to choose the version that plays spooky sounds during the Halloween season (no matter how many people show up at your door this year). here it is exactly how to enable it.

How to Enable Nest Hello Doorbell Holiday Sounds

Open the Nest app

The Nest Doorbell is controlled by the Nest app, which you’ve probably downloaded on a mobile device. Make sure you are connected to the Internet through a reliable connection before starting. Also make sure you are on the right device and, if necessary, on the right account to control your video doorbell. Open up the Nest app and you’ll see a notification approaching the Halloween holiday. It will say New ways to say hello and at the bottom of the notification you will see some actions to take. Choose the option that says Browse Themes.

Switch to scary sounds

In the Doorbell Theme section, you will see a section that says Seasonal Themes. In this section, you should see an option that says Spooky Sounds. Select it and the dot on the right should turn blue so you know it’s on. That’s it! Your Nest Hello should take care of the rest. If you don’t see the scary sounds option, check your Google Home application is updated. The latest version as of October 2021 is

Enjoy the bell!

Now when someone rings the Nest’s doorbell, it will ring a spooky Halloween sound instead of the normal doorbell. This sound is randomly selected so it can sound different each time, and Google updates the theme every year, removing some old sounds and adding new ones to the mix. Possible bells this year include: Themes will automatically restore after the spooky holiday is over, so you don’t have to do anything to stop or change them back. Unfortunately, that also means you can’t play Addams Family all year and have the sounds turned on – at least not yet. These themes will play on all other Nest devices on your home if you have visitor ads enabled, like traditional notification tracking.

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