Although generally you would connect your devices to a network switch to access the internet, there are situations when you might not have enough ports or a long enough cable to make the connection. Therefore, you can connect more devices to the internet using Windows 10’s Internet Connection Sharing function. Similar to the mobile hotspot function is this. The sharing occurs via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapter when using the Internet Connection Sharing function, however when utilizing the mobile hotspot feature, the sharing occurs via a Wi-Fi adapter.

Steps to Enable ICS in Windows 11

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Enable ICS in Windows 11. Windows’ Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature enables you to share your computer’s Internet connection with other devices on your local network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet). This enables one computer—which may be linked to the Internet via a 5G/4G/LTE modem, a direct cable connection using a second adapter, a satellite connection, PPPoE, VPN, etc.—to serve as the gateway for all computers on the local network to access the Internet.

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