How to Enable IE Mode in Microsoft Edge Chromium – Guide

along with all features and improvements to the Chromium engine-based version of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft also includes a compatibility mode that uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine to load old websites. Known as “IE Mode”, the feature is designed for companies to load internal websites without using a different browser or redesigning old pages. The new approach loads pages in Microsoft Edge like a normal website, without using and managing multiple browsers. On Windows 11, Microsoft Edge also allows you to configure the browser to load an incompatible website or all websites in Edge when using Internet Explorer. If you need to use this compatibility mode, the version of Microsoft Edge available on the stable channel includes Internet Explorer compatibility settings to quickly enable IE mode and a separate option to open Edge if you have a website incompatible with Search Internet Explorer .

Open Internet Explorer websites in Microsoft Edge

To allow IE to open websites with Edge, follow these steps:

Enable IE Mode in Microsoft Edge

To enable IE mode in Chromium Edge with group policy, use these steps:

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